The need to address society’s impact on climate change through a global reduction in green house gas (GHG) emissions is a hugely important aspect of our strategy. Our work in this area is driven by our own operational emissions reduction targets, alongside an understanding that our impact on emissions also encompasses our upstream and downstream supply chain.

We aim to be climate positive; this means we save more carbon dioxide than is emitted through the running of our organisation and manufacture of our products. Our use of bio-based raw materials and the benefits in use of our products enable us to do so. Carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere by plants as they grow. We then use these plants as the basis for raw materials for many of our products. Our products also have sustainability benefits in use, meaning they reduce the amount of carbon that is emitted whilst being used by the consumer. Further to this, we have many emission reduction initiatives across our sites, that help us to decrease the negative effect of our manufacturing processes on the environment. One example is how we are measuring the carbon footprints of key product families to understand their climate impact.