Science is part of everyday life and at Croda we believe that supporting STEM for school age children is vital to encourage the scientists of tomorrow. Science is all around us and our smart science enhances items used every day by consumers around the world.

Today, science is playing a vital role in the development of vaccinations for Covid-19 as well as in medications used to treat symptoms of the virus. Our ingredients are being used in a range of critical items during this pandemic including:
• sanitisers and disinfectants;
• medicines;
• medical equipment;
• protective medical products;
• facemasks; and 
• items used in the making of Covid-19 testing kits.

Try our fun, free STEM activities

Our STEM team are dedicated to bringing you a range of safe and fun home experiments for children aged 5-11 to help home learning. These include looking at the science that surrounds us in our everyday lives, from the science of bubble baths to viruses and vaccines. 

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