From sourcing of our raw materials right through to the delivery of a safe product to our customers, we are committed to responsible stewardship at every stage of the supply chain, ensuring that all relevant legislation and registrations are met. 


We took the decision in the second half of 2017 to partner with EcoVadis and use their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Rating Methodology. In 2018 we carried out a pilot trial with them targeting our top 100 suppliers by value, plus a further 42 high risk suppliers from across all our regions. This work is currently ongoing, but 50% of the invited suppliers connected with us during the year through the platform.


In order to gain a greater understanding of the GHG emissions within our supply chain, in 2018 we became one of only 115 companies to join the CDP Supply Chain initiative. During the year we held a live supplier webinar to explain the CDP disclosure process, our reasoning for adopting this and our ongoing emission reduction activities. Forty-seven of our top suppliers by volume responded to the CDP Climate Change questionnaire, a 52% response rate, with 17 allocating their emissions to the volumes of goods we purchased from them during 2017. This data is providing us with real insight into our scope 3 GHG emissions from these purchased goods and services. Of the suppliers who responded, 39% currently report on their operational emissions, 34% have an emissions reduction target and 14 of our suppliers had reduced their emissions during 2017.

Forty-three of the invitations we sent out were first-time invitations to the suppliers in question and 41 of these were only asked to respond by us. CDP’s statistics show that by the time a supplier is disclosing through the CDP for the second or third time, the likelihood of them having set emission reduction targets or having carried out emission reduction initiatives increases significantly. Therefore, in 2019 we will continue to engage with our suppliers to increase our response rate, as well as encouraging more of our suppliers to work to reduce their emissions and, in turn, reduce our own upstream scope 3 emissions.