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Our success is defined by our culture and shared ambition to create a positive impact, here you can find our caser studies which really showcase the best of our Commitment and our Purpose.

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ASD Kaleka Mosaik Initiative Impact Fund

We are contributing to the first Impact Fund of ASD, developed in partnership with Tides Foundation.
Croda India offices.

Improving performance by humanising safety

Involvement and engagement have increased, and longstanding infrastructure and operational issues are being addressed following a pilot Human Performance Programme at our site in Thane, India.
Sridhar Anegalla Profile Picture

Life cycle assesment

Supporting our customers to realise the benefits of LCA meant that in 2022 we began developing our LCA Centre of Excellence, supporting sectors in examining the risks and benefits of their portfolios....
Delivering sustainability at Croda

Sustainability-linked revolving credit facility

In 2019, we became one of the UK’s first large public companies to include a sustainability metric in a revolving credit facility (RCF), with targets in the seven-year agreement aligned with our 2030...

Abiotic stress mitigation in onions

Changing climates mean higher temperatures, periods of drought and higher salinity are becoming an increasing problem for farmers.
Kayapo warrior boy

Acts of kindness

The Croda Acts of Kindness programme gave employees the opportunity to nominate local causes and charities to support during COVID-19, with each major site given £10,000.

Advancing the efficacy and impact of vaccines

The acquisition of Biosector in 2018 strengthened our pharmaceutical offering, taking us into the field of vaccine adjuvants.

Advocating for Access and Benefit Sharing and biodiversity conservation

We supported the launch of the third edition of the Brogota Project through the United Nations Biodiversity Conference COP15 side event.

Agroforestry in the Amazon

The Croda Foundation is supporting an Instituto Amazonas agroforestry project, which aims to revive traditional agriculture practices among indigenous tribes, improving food security and protecting...
biotechnology in home care

Biodegradable fragrance encapsulation

Fragrance encapsulation involves advanced delivery systems that allow the timed release of fragrances, critical in various applications such as laundry, fabric softeners and deodorants.

Bringing anti-ageing benefits to make-up

Developed through one of our Smart Partnerships, Majestem® Drypure™ from our beauty actives business, Sederma, brings anti-ageing and environmental protection benefits to make-up.
vaccine development

Collaboration to deliver new vaccine adjuvants

In 2021 we established a strategic collaboration with the Danish government’s life science research institute, Statens Serum Institute (SSI).

Collaboration to develop alternative vaccine adjuvants

In 2021 we established a strategic collaboration with the Danish Government’s life science research institute, Statens Serum Institute (SSI).
Four happy school kids with their arms raised in the air

Coltide Radiance sustainability in use

In October we were delighted that our sustainability leadership was recognised as we won Business of the Year at the World Sustainability Awards.
Delivering sustainability at Croda

CroBioticTM 100

Surveys indicate that malodour of garments is one of the biggest reasons that consumers choose to wash them.

Croda Foundation

We have taken a big step towards achieving our ambition of expanding the reach of our smart science to permanently improve more lives by funding the Croda Foundation.
sustainability at croda

Customer award for carbon reduction

We’ve been working in partnership with Syngenta to deliver innovative and sustainable ingredients in a way that meets their commercial and sustainability goals.

Customer driven

We are listening more closely to our customers than ever before; understanding the things that are of most importance to our customers and how we are performing against them.

Digitalisation in manufacturing

We can see the potential of big data, robotics, analytics and the Internet of Things to drive manufacturing excellence and contribute to our right first time agenda.
Group of hands showing ethnic diversity

Diversity and inclusion

In 2021 we defined a D&I roadmap identifying actions, regarding diversity and inclusion, in five key areas.

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